Change of Allocation of Civil Services by the Government

Are you planning to be an IAS officer? If yes, then you must have been studying hard for your exams with the help of the best IAS academy in Chennai. After all, IAS was all about scoring good marks in the civil service exams. Well, not anymore, now as very soon you will witness a change in the allocation of civil service. A proposal is doing the rounds in the PMO – Prime Minister Office. Once that becomes policy, it will affect the candidates who have cleared the exams. Those who have cleared the entrance and the interview will be presented with a cadre and a service after they perform well in the short course.

What is the Proposal?

All the ministries have been asked by the Ministry of Personnel to comment on a suggestion. The suggestion states that the candidates of the cadre and service allocation of civil service must be done only after they complete a three-month course at Missouri’s training academy. The performance of the candidate in the course must also be included in the IAS requirements.

Picture Representing The Group of Ministers, post Kargil review, had elaborated four roles for CDS.

How It Is Presently Worked?

The aspirants of the civil services have their choice for services. Many aspirants want to become an IAS officer while others opt for IPS and IFS. This choice, of course, depends on the score they obtain. If they score the highest, they are given freedom of choice. IAS is the most favored service, which is followed by IFS and then to IPS. Students who get low ranks are allied to civil services like the Indian Audit, Indian Revenue Service Accounts Service and service for Indian Railways. Each candidate are allotted services and cadre before the starting of the foundation course. They are allied according to the ranks which they achieve in the Exams conducted by the UPSC.

How Will the New System Work?

The probationers of IFS and IAS will undergo a foundation course of three months in Missouri’s National Academy of Administration. The practitioners from other departments and services will be moved to other academies after the allocation of cadre and services. Once the new system is applied, the cadre and services will be assigned only after the foundation course. The performance of the course will be assessed and this mark will be added to the entrance examination score. The service allotment will depend on the total score along with the aptitude of the candidate. Click Here – to know more about the roles of combined defined services.

Positive Impact
If this new system becomes effective, then it will add an extra layer of perusal for the entrance examination. This new system will be helpful to evaluate practitioners for the service chosen. This system will focus on the qualities of leadership and group activities. Now the aspirants will be judged not just through knowledge but also as how they perform with the group and with respected positions.

Narendra Modi government could soon reduce the 60-plus civil services in the country in a bid to “rationalise” them.

This is believed to be a good starting point as the highest position of the country is based not just on the marks, but also on how qualified they are. There may be many students who may score less in the exam, but they may prove to be a great leader. Hence, it is indeed a smart move to look at their qualities and capabilities rather than just on the written part. The aim of the course is to make sure the candidates actually know what they are preparing for, rather than just learning something blindly and then writing it on paper with not much thought.

Negative Impact
The new system will not only bring a positive impact to the candidates and others but also it will influence negatively. There may be situations that will lead to partiality, discrimination, favor, bias and many more. The performance in the class may sometimes give a bad remark due to unfavorable conditions. Many students will also lack opportunities. There may also arise situations of group rivalry and may impact the future of the student. Hence, there may be many situations and circumstances of negativity.

The new system has not been finalized and discussions are underway. The proposal has been sent to other departments for their feedback and it will then be acted upon accordingly. The new system will be implemented in the following services. They are the Indian Administrative Service – IAS, Indian Forest Service – IFS and Indian Police Force – IPS.

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